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previous: Dan I've got a tweed Blues Deluxe that ... -- 11/12/2003 12:18 AM View Thread

Re: Blues Deluxe cuts out at random

11/12/2003 1:13 AM
Mark Black
Re: Blues Deluxe cuts out at random
Hi Dan -  
I've got a Blues Deville (pretty much the same inside) and in my experience with this & others I have worked on it's a pretty good bet the solders are cooked at a couple of "sandblock" type power resistors. I read somewhere there is a Fender service bulletin about these and that some different values should be substituted. For myself I have always just cleaned up the leads with a razor knife, enlarged the area of solder-pad at the lead by scraping away some of the green coating, and re-touched using a fairly generous amount of solder. I used that method on mine when I got it 4 or so years ago and it's been fine since.  
Of course I always recommend while you're in there to re-touch solders at all jacks, pots, switches, LED's, multipins, tube sockets, and any other large and/or heat-producing components regardless of whether they look bad. I used to think I could spot all the bad solders until I had a troublemaker one time & got down with a 8x magnifying glass, revealing a fairly nasty one I had missed. In any case these are enough of a pain to take apart that it just makes good sense to do a bit of preventative repair.  
Don't forget to do the footswitch as well!  
Good luck!

Don Symes It wouldn't hurt to bump those two ... -- 11/12/2003 1:38 AM