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90's EVH 5150 - no output

9/9/2003 2:47 AM
90's EVH 5150 - no output
(gawd I hate Peavey's)  
Here's what I know:  
mains fused popped, he replaced fuse, no output.  
(gawd I hate Peavey's)  
opened it up, all on board fuses are good. B+ running right around 470. checked screens on outputs and one side looks good, the other side has -23v (!) on one and about 46v on the other. powered down and checked screen resistors, those two are bad, one is open, (-23v), the other reading about 18k (should be 100R).  
(gawd I hate Peavey's)  
looking for someone with experience on these. to pull the output board, i've got to drill the rivets in the sockets, are there any "gotchas"?  
(gawd I hate Peavey's)  
is there anything else i should be looking for that routinely go wrong with these?  
did i mention I hate Peavey's? :D  

Enzo I like Peaveys. They are straightf... -- 9/9/2003 5:51 AM