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Fender reverb pot

9/5/2003 7:56 PM
Bob M.
Fender reverb pot
I hope this a repair and not a mod/tweak.  
My buddy has asked me to fix the reverb control on his Fender SF Vibrolux Reverb. I recently changed out all associated resistors, caps and tubes in the reverb send/return sections but he's still not happy. Here's the problem:  
On this particular amp, which has a great sounding reverb, the reverb comes on and is apparent at about 1-1/2 on the reverb control. By "2" on the knob, there is a light amount of reverb, suitable for players who like some but not alot of reverb. By "4" there is really alot of reverb, more than most players would ever use. My buddy has asked me to stretch out the difference between "1-1/2" and "4" over the whole reverb pot throw. In other words, when on "4", that would be the maximum (control fully CW) and when on "1-1/2" that would be the minimum (control fully CCW).  
I've tried replacing the 100K-L pot (and increasing the V3 cathode resistor value) but that's not what he wants sonically. I'm wondering what value pot to try for the reverb control: 50K?  
Any ideas?  
Bob M.

Ray Ivers Bob,Replacing the 100K-L re... -- 9/6/2003 12:42 AM