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Re: Common Crate VC Problem??

9/3/2003 5:05 AM
Re: Common Crate VC Problem??
By far THE most common cause of levels being erratic or intermittant on amps in general, is the contacts on the effects loop jacks. Patch a cord from send to return on the loop jacks and see if the sound restores. If so that was the trouble. Clean the contacts or replace the jack. I use a small burnisher on th contacts and almost never have to change the jacks.  
No effects loop? Same test for power amp in jack and preamp out jack.  
ANother thing I see mostly in Crate amps is the amp wanting to switch channels all by it self now and then. This is almost always the footswitch jack. The contacts that close when there is no footswitch get dirty or oxidized and they don't work. Clean them or replace the jack.

Kobbs Thanks for the ideas, escpecially t... -- 9/9/2003 3:52 AM