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Marshall SL-X Standby Pop

8/27/2003 7:00 PM
Mark Black
Marshall SL-X Standby Pop
Hi all -  
I've got a Marshall model 2100 (JCM 900) SL-X on the bench right now which has a pretty substantial pop when turning the standby switch on or off. Every now and then it won't pop, I suppose when I'm lucky enough to hit the "zero cross" point in the AC waveform at switching.  
I have actually disassembled, inspected, and cleaned the contacts in the switch so don't feel it is the culprit.  
Is this a normal thing for these models?  
Anyone successfully cured this problem with an MOV or cap across the switch terminals?  
Thanks - Mark

Bob DeRosa Mark,I had that problem wit... -- 8/27/2003 10:52 PM