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Re: Crate Vintage club 50 problem

2/15/2003 2:03 PM
Re: Crate Vintage club 50 problem
Check the bypass contacts on the effects loop jack. If I recall that one has a single TRS jack for the loop. Take a spare TRS plug and wire the tip to the ring. Plug that into the jack. If sound is restored, the jack is the problem. I keep my shorting plug on the bench to troubleshoot exactly this symptom. A lot of dirty insert jacks show up on mixers too.  
On the jack, you can measure with a meter the resistance across the three sets of contacts. SHould be zero ohms. If it measures over half an ohm, it is dirty and will cause trouble. The circuit still works with a couple ohms resistance, but those ohms are indicative of poor contact.  
If it is not the loop, then signal trace through the amp. APply a signal to the input and see what happens stage to stage - follow with your scope.

SLObrain Check the bypass contacts on the ef... -- 2/16/2003 5:14 PM