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Re: Brilliant switch/pot

11/13/2003 7:39 PM
Re: Brilliant switch/pot
"Does the EF86 channel sound better with bright switch on or off? Would an intermediate value, like .005uF, be better if I can't have the switch?"
I have a 10M-RA pot in place of the switch, and the best sound, IMHO, is somewhere in the middle of the pot's rotation. Is there any chance of using one of the inputs as a location for a brilliance *pot*?  
"The other option is a push-pull pot, but it's much easier to find these in 1-Meg, not the 500K of the original circuit. Would a 1-Meg make a big difference?"
I used a 1M volume pot, actually. You could put in a stacked concentric 500k pot, which Allparts sells. You wouldn't have as much range on the Brilliance pot, but it'd work.  
C ya,  

D. Hiatt Collins Hmm.. maybe I'll put in a trimpot... -- 11/16/2003 7:03 AM