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Brilliant switch/pot

11/13/2003 3:22 AM
D. Hiatt Collins
Brilliant switch/pot
Hey Dutch,  
I've got an AC15 thing in the works right now, and was wondering about the brilliant switch on the EF86 channel. I'll be building this into a Weber (off the bargain page) 5F4 chassis, so I'll only have a volume control for the EF86 channel- there's no good place for a switch.  
[The other channel will be an Orange preamp, with the bax stack, and use up the other vol. control and the treble/bass. I'll put the 'cut' control in the presence spot.]  
Does the EF86 channel sound better with bright switch on or off? Would an intermediate value, like .005uF, be better if I can't have the switch?  
The other option is a push-pull pot, but it's much easier to find these in 1-Meg, not the 500K of the original circuit. Would a 1-Meg make a big difference?  

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