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Re: SLO with KT88's

10/14/2003 7:24 PM
ChipBRe: SLO with KT88's
Death Metal, eh? :)  
If you want a HEAVY sound and don't require channel-switching, get yourself a master-volume (or non-master) single-channel Marshall head, JCM800 series or earlier. I can tell you how to modify it to get what you're after - without adding any extra tubes (and in such a way it can be returned to stock for resale value). It will be a one-trick pony, though. No clean sound.  
Personally, I've never been a big fan of Soldano amps for heavy stuff anyway - not enough fat chunk for my tastes. Have you ever played through one?  
You know what sounds suprisingly good, and can be had for $250 or less these days, is a mid-80's Laney AOR 50 or 100 watt head. The active tone circuit makes for a thick sound.  
I'm assuming you have a closed-back cab (4x12 is best)? That's a big part of a good heavy sound, IMHO. I prefer a fat, percussive heavy sound. Palm-muted low E string riffs should be felt, as well as heard ;). Others prefer the buzz-saw distorted tone, relying on the bass player for all bottom end. To each his own.....  
What are you playing through now? (just curious)