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Old Bassman Replica

7/29/2003 1:07 AM
Jesse Cryderman
Old Bassman Replica
I purchased an old bassman replica that was handmade in Tennessee many years ago, and I am trying to figure out more information about it so I can upgrade, mod, etc.  
Sonically, the amp sounds almost exactly like the Blackface Bassman I owned in college. It has the exact same control layout, and I believe the same tube layout (four preamp tubes, two power tubes).  
I opened it up and saw that it is all handwired, cloth wire, point-to-point. The Transformers are enormous--I think they are bigger than any I've seen.  
The only labeling on it says:  
"Robinsons Guitars  
Harriman, Tennessee"  
"Custom Made"  
I can attach photos of the internals if anyone is interested in sharing some of their knowledge.  
This amp is a mystery, and I really want to solve it!