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Re: Dino Cazares's jcm800 mod ?

6/17/2003 1:50 AM
Trace - Voodoo Amps
Re: Dino Cazares's jcm800 mod ?
"I looked at the lee jackson preamp, and it just looks to me like another Beefed JCM800, pretty similar to the newer laney models."
Yes, you are correct Joe, the Laney is pretty much the same as the Lee Jackson amps, which are a JCM800 with an additonal gain stage in front of it. At the time it was pretty cutting edge.  
"I read mixed things about the lee jackson model too. It doesn't look like it would have more gain on tap than a soldano though."
It doesn't really have more gain on tap than a Soldano, just a different kind of vibe.  
"or was that the dino mod you guys were talking about?"
The dino-mod has a lot of gain on tap and is mostly pretty fuzzy/buzzy (in my humble opinion--ha, ha). It's sort of like a Soldano meets a Dual Rectifier.  
Have a good one! :)  

Rick Erickson [QUOTE]PIt's sort of like a Soldano... -- 6/17/2003 2:05 AM