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Re: Dino Cazares's jcm800 mod ?

5/25/2003 2:34 PM
Trace - Voodoo Amps
Re: Dino Cazares's jcm800 mod ?
"Trace - couldn't you just replace the CF with a MOSFET (since that's not really a critical location for a tube) and use that 1/2 a tube for the additional gain stage?"
I'm not really sure I follow you but it's also early in the morning and I'm on my first cup of cofee (ha, ha). Are you saying replace the cathode follower with a mosfet(?) If so, it's not something I would do but it's something you wish to explore then give it a go! :)  
Extra Stage: If you start with 3 12AX7's (ala the JCM800 2203) and in install another tube for 4 gain stages then "yes" you can wire up the remaining section of the 4th tube for a total of 5 gain stages. Layout is crucial but it's certainly doable.  
I hope that makes sense  

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