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Re: Marshall Gain Mod

2/23/2003 9:02 PM
Trace - Voodoo Amps
Re: Marshall Gain Mod
"I was looking through some mods on and was wondering which would be the highest gain mod for my Marshall jcm-800 2205?"
To the very best of my knowledge there are no mods listed on the net that will increase the gain on the 2205/2210 series amps (I could be wrong--ha, ha). The 2205/2210's have a pretty hefty amount of gain in their stock form but if you are lacking gain you can of course check your preamp tubes as there are several kinds available that will give you more/less gain.  
"Then I can take it to a tech and tell him what to do. Here they are: "
The mods you listed are my exact words from about 6 years ago or there abouts that I had posted here on the Ampage. My words were copied/pasted onto their website without my consent/permission. I never posted a mod that would actually *increase* the gain in the 2205/2210 but rather the opposite. You can certainly give the mod a try but I honestly doubt you will enjoy the outcome (I would hate to see you spend money and then not be happy). Good luck on your quest for tone!! :)  
For what it's worth  

skinny Thanks alot for the info Trace. Th... -- 2/23/2003 10:31 PM