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Re: added extra 5y3 and 6v6 to 5f2 ...problem?

7/31/2003 7:55 PM
Re: added extra 5y3 and 6v6 to 5f2 ...problem?
Gary, Angela's Super 6V6 IS the Tweed Princeton 5F2 referred to above(with the hefty OT Steve likes), hence the screen voltage is higher than the plate.  
IMHO there is no one perfect beginner book for tube guitar amps. The two books that seem to get consistent positive comments are by Dave Funk(don't remember the title) and Morgan Jones?("Valve Amps"?). I think the best sources available are the resources on the links here and at the AX84 site(I particularly like Dave Sorlien's P1 Theory Document at AX84). Randall Aiken has a lot of good info at his site(  
I have two of Kevin O'Connor's(note the spelling!) books. They are terrific books, but IMHO are not beginner books. They are very in-depth on the subjects they cover, and go very deep into theory. At my stage of knowledge much of what's in there is over my head. I periodically re-read sections of areas of immediate interest(power supplies, reverb circuits, etc.) and every time a little more light dawns.