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previous: Matthew Springer It sounds like the hum is almost ce... -- 3/25/2003 1:45 AM View Thread

Re: A tidbit till the real amphounds show up..

3/25/2003 10:13 AM
mikeyRe: A tidbit till the real amphounds show up..
I am going to try this with my Bandmaster which i wired into a super reverb..  
but just to clarify..  
the heater ground CT should be disconnected from ground and just left insulated hanging in mid air?  
(currently it is grounded..the green-yellow wire)  
this is if i were to also drop 2 x 100R's off the heater lamps and onto ground..(currently no 100R's in place)  
thanks for your clarification  

wayne Yes, cut the 6.3 CT then shrink tub... -- 3/25/2003 4:23 PM
Matthew Springer Yes. If you use the two 100 ohm re... -- 3/26/2003 5:19 PM