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Re: Make em in Mexico...

4/12/2004 3:24 PM
Carl Gigun
Re: Make em in Mexico...
Forget about the foreigners, turn your pointing finger to the bill gates, nikes, WALLMARTs and enrons of the world. Here's some stats quoted from the Oct 2002 issue of shift magazine.  
"The 1990's played host - famously - to the greatest economic expansion in US history. Those years also ushered in that nation's greatest economic polarization at least since the 1930s.  
By 1999 average CEO compensation had ballooned to 475 times the average worker's salary, up from a factor of 85 in 1990 (by comparison the average British CEO made 24 times the average worker in 1999).  
As of 1997, 40.1 percent of America's wealth sat in the pockets of it's richest one percent, up from 20.5 percent in 1979.  
The fastest growing city in America during the last decade was Las Vegas, and Nevada was the fastest growing state; at the same time, Nevada had the largest number of residents living permanently in mobile homes.  
As of 2000, the US ranked 139th among the world's 163 democracies in voter turnout."  
More profits for the rich, more McJobs and no benefits, no nothin wallmart jobs for everyone else. I was among the lucky ones in 1999, sitting in my office in Silicon valley with a view of the San Jose smog, but we all know how long that lasted...  
-Carl Gigun

Ian Anderson -- 4/12/2004 4:31 PM
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