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Why does my RI Orange sound better than my vintage one?

3/20/2004 3:51 AM
Why does my RI Orange sound better than my vintage one?
I have a 90's era Orange OR-120 that i've owned for a while now. The amp sounds great, it always has. But after hearing so much vintage hype about the 70's models, I broke down and picked one up.  
Now, the second Orange I have is a '71 GRO100. I didn't know if until I got the head. But the pre-amp circuit is different. Basically, the gain stages were in a different order, the pre-amp voltage lowering resistors to the pre-amp were different (different voltages, but same plate/cathode resistors as the 90's head), and two of the coupling caps are different values.  
I played the 70's head a bunch of times and decided I like the 90's head much better. I figured it was because I liked the circuit in the 90's head more, so I decided to switch the pre-amp around in the 70's head. I switched the gain stages and made it the EXACT same circuit as the 90's head. I changed the voltage divider resistors and got the pre-amp voltages about the same.  
The heads are now exactly the same, with the exception of 2 couling caps. They're .068mfd's in the 90's head, and .047's in the 70's head.  
OK...My question is...  
Should I just give up on the vintage mojo and accept the fact that the 90's head sounds better, even though the 70's head has better components and transformers? Or should I go a little deeper into it and change those last 2 caps. Would it even make a difference? Is there something going on here that i'm missing? Does it need a recap?  
The 90's head just has more clarity and more depth to it. The 70's head sounds flat and kind of muddy in comparision. It just doesn't have the same cool sonic character.  
Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks guys.  

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