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Re: Torres trick

3/19/2004 10:07 AM
Steve A.
Re: Torres trick
Celebrimbor said:  
I heard someone mentioning a Torres trick using a diode in the power supply. Can someone explain?  
    In a typical PS the first node goes to the plates and the second node goes to the screens. In series with the resistor going to the additional nodes you add a forward biased diode (like a 1N4007). The idea behind that is when you are slamming the power amp hard it won't be pulling down the voltage going to the preamp tubes. So the signal from the preamp shouldn't be affected by what the power amp is doing.  
Steve Ahola  
P.S. Would this be a good application for one of those FRED's I keep hearing about? (Not Fred Flintstone- he already has a job at the Bedrock quarry!)

Celebrimbor Gotcha. Thanks... -- 3/19/2004 2:36 PM