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Silvertone Twin Twelve

3/6/2004 5:45 AM
Danny Michel
Silvertone Twin Twelve
Who else has one?? Any mods?? OT looks small... upgrade for more headroom? Reverb mod? It looks like there is plenty of tubes, but weak? if I smack it or bump it the CRASH is beautiful, so I need to beef up the reverb driver circuit, right? what is the stock speaker impedamce, 4 or 16? I'm thinking pin 9 on the 6CG7 can be grounded, so I can use 12AX7 or 12AT7(close to the 6CG7)... am I right?

bob p we had a good thread going about Si... -- 3/6/2004 9:22 PM
bob p -- 3/6/2004 9:24 PM