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Strange 2nd triode stage

2/23/2004 3:32 AM
Strange 2nd triode stage
I was really interested in the 2nd triode stage when I took a look at the Schematic so when my good friend Rob dropped by today I had him take a look at it. I told him that I thought it was just VooDoo and didn't do anything but He pointed out that it may be acting as a voltage regulator of sorts.  
Look at the 2nd stage. It is NOT decoupled from the DC voltage in the 1st stage and its plate IS connected to the B+ supply for the preamp. So, as you put a bigger signal into the amp, it changes the voltage at the plate which affects the voltage at the preamp supply. Right??? Makes sense to me. It seems to be a signal level dependant voltage regulator. Of course that will have an effect on the sound of the amp.  
Whattya think guys.  
Does anyone have some software they can run a simulation on? I'd love to know if Rob is right.  
BTW thanks Rob. I knew I could count on you for a better insight into what was happening in there.

Rick Erickson [QUOTE]It is NOT decoupled from the... -- 2/23/2004 11:27 PM