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A Thankyou to the responders of "Variable B+" from Dec.

2/11/2004 4:34 PM
A Thankyou to the responders of "Variable B+" from Dec.
I am like a parent that drove off and left his kids at WalMart.  
Just before Xmas break I posted a question seeking Variable B+ supply schematics.  
Eight or ten people responded and I never thanked them.  
I kept meaning to, but...  
Anyways, thanks for your thoughts and time.  
I have reconciled myself to the variably biased grid on a 6550 as a triode pass element, rather than any variac option. The down side is I have to reset bias with any change of voltage point, so it won't be done on the fly, such as when the band gets louder, latter.  
I have the xfmrs, sockets, pots and jacks in the chassis, now. I expect to wire it over the next month and start prototyping regulators. I'm hoping to get away without a gain tube to magnify the error signal sent to the grid of the pass tube, as was shown in one of the posts.  
I'll report when I have something useful to say.  
Thanks again, guys. Sorry to be such a Dork.  

jeremy this still doesnt excuse you from b... -- 2/12/2004 3:36 AM