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previous: Chuck I'm not familiar with that amp and ... -- 2/9/2004 3:41 AM View Thread

Re: Undesired tremolo-type effect.

2/9/2004 3:36 PM
Re: Undesired tremolo-type effect.
I have a 1472 and Chuck is correct that you might have the tremolo bleeding into the audio.  
Just to make sure, remove the 6AU6 tremolo oscillator tube and see it your amp still warbles.  
If so, there is a different problem, maybe inadequate filter capacitance. I did not replace the 1 inch diameter multicap can, but it had lost much of its original capicatance so I paralleled each section with additonal electrolytics under the chassis.  
Also I added a dropping resistor and additional filter node to supply B+ to the 6AU6 with a little better isolation, the original wiring has the plate resistor of the 6AU6 connected directly to the screens of the 6V6's. I also added 390 ohm 2watt screen resistors to the 6V6's.  

woodyc You might want to try an RF stopper... -- 2/9/2004 5:38 PM