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Re: Roach trem-Chris W

1/30/2004 12:06 AM
Chris ( CMW amps )
Re: Roach trem-Chris W
Thanks , John !  
Right now , I did leave the tremolo stock except for a speed-tweak .  
Was busy voicing the normal channel for a more blues/swampy sound ( verb/trem on both channels ) and did put the chassis in the cab after testing & tweaking around midnight .....  
Anyway :  
Gonna try a bias-modulating trem too ( later on , some other jobs/projects waiting ) and lower the vibrato-channel coupling-cap to 0.047 or less after removing the int.-pot over there ..... still got my bf Bandmaster with export SR PT , time for a tube-rectifier and a bias-modulating-trem :) .  
again : thanks to all for sharing their experiences !  
Ps blackfacing a late 70s / UltraLineair Fender ain't no fun :D but the cool thing is the bigger OT ( 2 /4 ohms Bassman/SuperReverb size ) compared to the earlier Bandmaster(Reverb) amps