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Re: Xover dist. in dimed cathode bias amps

1/7/2004 4:18 PM
Re: Xover dist. in dimed cathode bias amps
IMO if there is too much crossover distortion, it shows the LTP is incorrectly biased.  
Check what a higher value R will do in your PI's LTP tail. Where the typical value is 470 or 680 ohms, I have gone as high as 7k, with a corresponding reduction of the lower R, say from 22K to 10K.  
Sounds fine to me, and on amps like Moonlight that spend most of their time in distortion, it sweetens up the sound.  
I'd love to hear what I am not paying attention to.  

Chuck Thanks Dan,I'll play with t... -- 1/7/2004 4:30 PM