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Re: 15" Speaker?

12/8/2003 3:41 AM
D. Hiatt Collins
Re: 15" Speaker?
"that speaker was also selling for thirty bucks... and i almost pulled the trigger on it..."
Yeah, that's the one. It doesn't sound *bad*, but it just doesn't do the amp justice. It's so much more lively through the 4x12. I know I can't recreate a 4x12 sound in a 1x15 here (nor do I need the volume), but I'd like to get more lows, a clearer midrange, and better highs.  
The speaker would probably be good with a small tube Ampeg for bass, for example. It's just not what I'm looking for with this amp.  
Any ideas for what would be better? The following stand out:  
Eminence Legend 151  
Weber High Power: Probably California or Michigan  
Weber 15F150 (C15N)