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Re: Changing Power Supply of tube amp to 220volts

12/2/2003 3:34 PM
Tom PhillipsRe: Changing Power Supply of tube amp to 220volts
The Crate amps sold in the US may or may not have a universal primary power transformer installed. However, the universal primary PTs are available for all the amps and the price for a replacement (if you need it) should be reasonable. When SLM ships a replacement PT they always seem to send one with a universal primary even if the amp was originally shipped with only a 120V primary. The leads all connect with push on connectors and the PCB includes all the lugs needed to configure for the common line voltages. If your PT has only a black and a white primary leads then its 120V only. If it also has blue, brown, gray and violet leads then you have the export transformer with the universal primary and you can configure it for 240V operation. I don't have a Crate Model Name / Model Number cross reference so if you tell me the Blue Voodoo 60 "Model Number" I can probably find a schematic to email you. That will show you how to configure the taps.  

Ken hey there tom, there isnt a mod... -- 12/2/2003 10:25 PM