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Re: Anybody seen the new "New Jersey" amp?

11/19/2003 3:10 AM
Matt H
Re: Anybody seen the new "New Jersey" amp?
i haven't heard it in person, but i'm really underwhelmed. (the soundbyte with the strat was my favorite though it sounded very texas)  
First of all, i think it looks like poop and costs way too much.  
also, and this isn't a knock at just this amp, but i'm really sick of hearing about Class A this and Class A that... most likely the amp isn't really class A, just a warm AB. or worse, it's just cathode biased and they equate that with class A (ala vox)  
If it really is class a? WHY?! Is the output section all paralleled SE? or is it p/p?  
I'm really not sure what the point of making an amp specifically designed for select NOS tubes is. Does this mean the amp sounds like crap with other tubes?  
The closed back combo approach is interesting, but i'd hate to have to lift that thing around.  
I'm leary of anything that costs that much and only has three knobs, which are spaced oddly with reference to the boost switch.  
i'd also like to know how four tubes are 30W, yet two are 18W (reminding me of course of the 18Watter, which is a class AB1 push pull amp).