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turning a VTM-60 into an SLO

11/16/2003 6:46 PM
turning a VTM-60 into an SLO
im going ot be keeping the capacitor board, and the power tube board. everything else comes out. i have a few questions.  
1)im adding a 12ax7 and a 6AV6. im good on the b+ rail. same kind of rail, and number of caps. but do you think the tranny can take the extra heater current? approximately .6 amps at 6.3V. my guess is it wont be able to keep up, and ill need ot put in a small tranny.  
2)anyone want these 2 boards? the main circuit board, and the front input/potentiometer board. all parts are on it, and is in good condtion, w a few mods. it works to the best of my knowledge, and was working b4 taking it out of the amp. $25.  

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