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Re: Build Report: EF86 AC15 with *6V6* outputs

11/11/2003 1:55 PM
anonymousRe: Build Report: EF86 AC15 with *6V6* outputs
hi dutch,  
how does your circuit differ from a stock ac15 ? can you point to a specific ac15 schematic and then point out any changes you have made ?  
I have a 6v6 homebrew amp that has sat around only 1/2 finished for ages - i think it's time it got finished. I sure i've got a ef86 somewhere in my box of valves.  
Is it simply a ef86 to a 12ax7 PI then the two 6v6's ? did you change the PI at all ?  
I think the PT I have won't supply quite the same voltage, maybe around 350-380V on the plates. will that reduced plate voltage lose some of the magic ?  

Dutch [QUOTE]Is it simply a ef86 to a 12a... -- 11/12/2003 7:57 PM