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Re: Build Report: EF86 AC15 with *6V6* outputs

11/10/2003 4:57 PM
Re: Build Report: EF86 AC15 with *6V6* outputs
"Voltage is a bit too high for cath. biased EL84s and the OT is UL ."
Then it sounds like a killer application for 7591As.... I can't wait to get started building my rack-mount channel-switcher so I can use the Heyboer Hygrade 18W clone OT that I bought last January. It has the UL taps, and I intend to use 'em.... Open loop UL rocks! :^)  
"EF86 or EF184 ( diff. pin-out )"
Is the EF184 more or less the same tube with just a different pinout, or does it work differently than an EF86?  
C ya,  

Chris ( CMW amps ) Hi Dutch ![QUOTE] -- 11/10/2003 5:05 PM
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