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previous: Dirty Another DIRTY amp has been born ! -- 10/25/2003 9:14 PM View Thread

Re: DIRTY 15W topboost/EF86 (pictures)

10/26/2003 2:43 AM
Bruce J
Re: DIRTY 15W topboost/EF86 (pictures)
Hey Dirty. Very nice amp, as usual! Do you think you could send me a schemo of this amp. I want to see what the tone stacks looks like. Also, Any microphonics from your EF86? My AC15 EF86 clone has a bit of a squeal to it at high gain. Also, my amp only has a tone knob ALA Spitfire. Thanks, Bruce J.

Dai Hirokawa Wow they really look and sound grea... -- 10/26/2003 4:46 AM