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Re: peavey classic 30 question

10/13/2003 12:21 PM
Trace - Voodoo Amps
Re: peavey classic 30 question
"is a classic 30 loud enough to use in a blues band situation?...or for gigs, in small clubs/bars?"
Before I went fulltime into doing Voodo Amps I used to be a recording engineer, live soundman and a touring player. I mixed in venues where capacities varied from 100-1000 capacity to 1000-5000 capacity.  
Having said all that (ha, ha) a lot of depends on the size of the room as well as the stage (how deep and wide the stage is). From a players point of view; If you have a really wide or deep) stage you will be further from the other players so it can be hard to hear the other instruments like you normally would in smaller clubs (100-500 capacity rooms). On the other hand that's why they created monitors! (ha, ha)  
Most clubs that are 250/300 capacity or more generally always have monitors available. Just ask the soundman to put your guitar in your monitor so you can hear yourself on stage. Another great way to go is using in-ear monitors. They are great and it does not take long to fall in love with those, as the mix is the same no matter where you go on stage. Don't quote me but Shure makes some in-ears that are about $300.00-$350.00 (I cannot recall the exact series, still sipping my morning coffee--ha, ha).  
All in all 30 watts should be fine in a club situation. If you are playing with a drummer who really hits hard or you are in a metal band you may run into some problems hearing yourself.  
I hope it helps! :)