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previous: tim Re: Angela projects: Single-Ended 6V6 & Super 6V6 -- 10/8/2003 2:32 PM View Thread

Re: Very entertaining excerpt.

10/10/2003 12:04 AM
Re: Very entertaining excerpt.
Steve at Angela is quoted:  
"Yes, that book will kindly inform you that you're way beyond the "max." ratings of the 6V6GT. So what? If that worries you into a sissy fit, tough; go build somebody elses FREE project."  
This is not amusing rhetorical bravado, this is company policy: anyone who questions him, even an expert witnness like the RCA tube book, is having a hissy fit and he blows them off.  
That said, the Angela super SE amp design is a nice one, IMO.  

SpeedRacer YMMV, but I think he's one funny mu... -- 10/10/2003 2:53 AM
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