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9/15/2003 11:11 PM
Ross M.
My brother works with a major telephone company and picked up a couple of tubes from old stock I'm presuming.. He told me he had a few different types, 6AU6, 6BA6, 407, and 6Y6GT. I looked up the datasheets for 407 and 6Y6 because I hadn't heard of those before, the 407 is a medium mu dual triode that is meant for high frequencies, so I probably won't use it, but the 6Y6 has me perplexed. It looks just like a 6V6 with a much lower voltage handling. They cost $3-$4 at AES, why aren't these used much? Wouldn't it be good for guitar audio?

quayhog With the proper trannies they sound... -- 9/16/2003 12:57 AM