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Re: Best 6CA7/EL34 for Music Man HD 130?

9/5/2003 11:56 AM
Rob Mercure
Re: Best 6CA7/EL34 for Music Man HD 130?
Like Bruce, I like the "real" Svet EL34s but recently I tried the EI 6CA7 and, so far, like them very well. When your amp was built there really were two different tubes - the "skinny" English designed EL34 pentode and the "big bottle" American designed 6CA7 pentode (made with BPT parts I've heard) - and these were different sounding tubes with the 6CA7 giving a more 6L6ish/BPT-ish tone. And the EI offering "seems" to capture it ("seems" cuz I don't have a new set of NOS 6CA7s to compare to - got new-old stock 8417s, 6550s, 7591s, 6L6GCs, etc. to compare new tubes to but haven't got a set of 6CA7s nor 7027s) but this is just "ear memory."  
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