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ampeg tune up tips

8/10/2003 1:09 PM
ampeg tune up tips
Hi there, I have an old reverberocket and was wondering, other than power caps, what else should I be changing?? Any resistors?? or just the main capacitors, any ideas would help. Also, I know a guy has a '61 or '62 reverberocket, no knobs, no logo, changed speaker, no letters on the panel left, but not rusty, works OK, lot of hum, needs cap job, tolex and grill cloth in great shape, is this worth 200$ ?? These are great sounding amps, but do I need another? Mine is a '65 with 7591's the one for sale has 6V6's.  

KB The transformers in it alone or wor... -- 8/10/2003 1:55 PM