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Re: Crate TV50H

8/2/2003 12:03 AM
Chris ( CMW amps )
Re: Crate TV50H
Hi gtrboy  
Not to offend you in any way ( truly !!! ) and I've never dealt with SLM : how did you ask for that schematic .  
I've experienced that the "tone" of the question does have a great effect on the people that possibly can help you . In the last 14 years working on amps I did get about 80% from the requested schematics for free . Some friends and co-workers did tell me they were amazed hearing me doing telephone-calls to get "some work done" by other companies . A great guitar-building-buddy ( and one of the most kind persons I know ) did tell me about the hard times getting some info on pickups , I did call those companies for info and I did send him the mail I got from them , strange .....  
Again : I truly don't wanna offend you ( honest ) and I don't know 'bout dealing with SLM  
My offer : if you do have an export-amp ( I'm living in the Netherlands so the mainsvolatge is 230 Volts over here ) and if you can email me the serial# ( only if you didn't give that to SLM already ) I'll try everything to help you by emailing SLM and see if I can get one for free .  
Hope they don't visit Anmpage :) LOL  

gtrboy thank you very much. i was looking... -- 8/2/2003 5:59 AM