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Re: Custom Audio Electronics Amp Switcher.

7/27/2003 11:26 PM
Re: Custom Audio Electronics Amp Switcher.
well....i mean. i want to be able to switch from up to four heads into one cabinet. and the footswitch should work so that i just have to step on one of four switches, which will select that amp only and turn the others off. so i guess that requires some sorta logic device. I'd probably want to use something other than relays to switcht the guitar signal like an optoisolator or whatever. and if there's another option besides relays for the load switching that would be better too. you'd have to have some sorta buffer so there's no grounding problems. also im not sure how the load would work with more than one amp needing a load to be 'off'. could more than one amp use the same load, they'd have to be switched so taht there's no guitar signal. maybe they wouldn't need a load if there's no signal. i dunno. so nothing terribly fancy... just more head....i mean heads.  

Jeff Okay, now we're talking. I'll prefa... -- 7/28/2003 12:25 AM