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What's a good (all tube) parallel mixer circuit?

7/27/2003 3:50 PM
What's a good (all tube) parallel mixer circuit?
I'm finally bored enough to check out solidstate effects.  
So now I wanna understand how to do a good tube mixer so I can blend them with my straight sound in the preamp.  
1. Can someone point me to a good sounding mixer schematic? In this instance, for me, good sounding means: low noise and low signal leakage from the opposite channel when it's off, transparent and high dynamic range).  
2. Is it better to use a pan pot set up where there are two reverse wired pots that feed to a common buss, or put the two signals on the ends of one pot and select the blend with the wiper?  
3. Recommendations for value of the mixing resistors? Fender uses 220K in the reverb mixing section, but does anyone have practical experience about what is the least (low noise) value that works well? Assume a source of a 12ax7 cathode follower.  
4. Anybody find they needed a phase reverse switch to sum the signals without cancellation, or are the outputs of most effects so uncorrelated that it doesn't matter?  
Thanks. Any help is really appreciated.  

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