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Re: a visit to THD and Andy Marshall

7/11/2003 7:09 PM
Chris ( CMW amps )
Re: a visit to THD and Andy Marshall
Hi Greg  
Seems to be very cool ; living in California .  
Your TripleAmpProject sounds wicked but I can truly understand it's a time consuming project :) .  
Many projects over here . Due to the bad economic situation over here in the Netherlands I did loose my dayjob some months ago . That was the reason for me to turn my on-the-side-amp-job into something "bigger" . Did start advertising ( repairs , mods and custom-builts ) and more and more people are bringing amps for repairs and mods . Did also make a deal with a guitarbuilder+shop to sell my "PaisleyWrecks" ( see for an example ) . When I'm rebuilding an amp I do always use a Paisley panel to make it kinda "special" ( a guy really wants to have a Paisley panel on his '70 Marshall too , no kidding ! ) .  
Some time ago I did meet a guy who did offer me to build some chassis and cabs to have some "new" amps . The plans are : plexi-based , 50 Watts with EL34s or KT66s and - of course - the famous OEI OT ) .  
Latest finished project : mini Plexi ( 2 x 6V6 ) , right now I was working on an old Selmer PA amp . Did paint the amp Ocean Blue and the front is gonna be Paisley - very 60/70s looking - . The circuit will be kinda like an SLO100 . Then I've another pa-amp ( probably 2x5881 with a high gain pre-amp ) and I really need/want to rebuild an old EL84 pp hifi amp with an EF86/EF184 pre and just one volume-control .  
back to my bench :)