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Re: Resistors

7/7/2003 7:52 PM
Rick Erickson
Re: Resistors
"you would think that it should be standard proceedure to yank all of these dastardly demons from all the vintage amps."
It is standard procedure in most of my rebuilds. :)  
"And I recall a post by Rick E. who IIRC had to replace some of the noisy carbon comps in a Matchless (which look to be purposely overrated a bit)"
Yes Dai, that was me. I only replaced the plate resistors because it's so difficult to change anything in those amps. The terminal strips look cool but make rework a lot harder than turrets or eyelets, mainly due to the density of the components in the amp and the way the components run from the term. strips to the tube sockets. It's tough to get a soldering iron in there...  
I notice in the pictures of the new Bad Cat amps I've seen that they are using carbon film resistors. I think they are a much better choice for repair and new builds. fwiw - I rarely need to replace any of the resistors in older amps that used carbon film resistors (i.e. Ampeg, Marshall) but nearly always do in amps with carbon comp. (i.e. Fender, Vox, Supro, Matchless etc.)  
Having said that, I could care less what resistors someone wants to use. I have heard great sounding amps built with metal film resistors. All my vintage amps have been rebuilt with cf's because I like them and trust them. Go with what your instincts tell you. You can always change your mind.