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Re: What type of resistors are best?

7/7/2003 3:05 PM
Trace - Voodoo Amps
Re: What type of resistors are best?
Hello gang! :)  
All in all I think everything has it's place in tube amp circuits. Some people love certain circuits and cannot imagine living without them while another group of builders/techs despise the same circuits. I prefer to use metal film resistors but that's just my choice/preferance. We do everything from high gain to clean amps and I've found that noise levels, tolerances, etc. are greatly magnified when you are dealing with four or more gain stages. Personally speaking I've had better results with metal film resistors in high gain circuits than I have with carbon based resistors (again, this is just my experience).  
On the flip side of the coin; Carbons are fine for lower gain/vintage style circuits. Over the course of time you are going to get some amps that have noisy plate resistors. It's par for the course when using carbon based resistors but I've also seen a great deal of early model Fender Tweed amps that were dead quite (a 5E3 is on the shop right now). As Richie said, some amps will have noisy plate resistors and some will not. More than anything else I think it comes down to opinion and personal taste. If you like carbon based resistors and have no problems with them then use them in your amps and have fun! :)  
Have a great day  

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