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Re: Tube hi-fi vs solid state?

7/3/2003 3:13 PM
bob pRe: Tube hi-fi vs solid state?
"The 1812 Overture is good if you get a version with real cannons, but I didn't start using that until the '80's and only on a few SS systems, its more of a speaker punishment check ;)"
i once blew up a friend's set of JBL speakers with the 1812 Overture. at the time they were hooked up to my Carver M1.5t, a magnetic field amp which is notorious for having too much available power. The recording was on Telarc, one of Solti's recordings, IIRC. The label on the CD warned about dangerous subsonic content in the digital cannon blasts, and specifically warned about loudspeaker destruction.  
We thought we had the volume turned down far enough to be safe. When the digital cannon blasts came along, I heard what I honestly thought was a gunshot going off in his apartment! I smelled smoke! I saw flames!  
That EVIL Carver magentic field amp had the clipping LED illuminated, denoting the exhaustion of its headroom with a >1200 watt transient. The JBL speaker was shooting out sparks, and the voice coil was smoking as the cone burst into flames.  
I've honestly never heard, felt, or smelled more accurate sound reproduction. by the way, it was a bitch getting JBL to honor their warranty. :D