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Re: Anyone built a tube preamp for acoustic?

7/1/2003 4:52 PM
Rob Mercure
Re: Anyone built a tube preamp for acoustic?
I assume that by "acoustic" you mean for a piezo pickup (funny how we've come to associate the piezo sound with an "acoustic" sound - quite different to my ears). Nuff editorial. Several years ago I prototyped a couple of designs with some e-mail help from Doc Horner - one design I used featured a grid leak bias stage 'cuz it has the truly high input impedance that a piezo transducer wants to see. Tried a few tubes but the one I really liked was a 6BR8 with the pentode section used for the input with something like 50v on the plate directly coupled to the triode section that functioned as a cathode follower.  
Oh, one of the following posts mentioned using a 6J6 - generally this isn't a signal tube but instead was commonly used as a low power RF output or driver. It's a medium mu dual triode with a common cathode with a few watts of plate dissipation - interesting choice for an input tube.  

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