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Re: Got my Clubman clone going

6/30/2003 6:48 AM
MJ Harnish
Re: Got my Clubman clone going
Glad to hear she's working with only a few minor niggles.  
What are the tubes biased at? Using a pair of 6L6's you'll have to get the bias voltages up there to be running them in Class A (though that may not improve your bass problems). With those low plate voltages you shouldn't have any problems running the stock EL34's.  
That said, you may need to push your plate voltages higher in order to get some more headroom out of the amp; that may be what's contributing to your excessive distortion. A SS-rectifier would increase your voltages a bit more plus probably help tighten the bass a bit.  
Did you use a cathode decoupling cap on the input stage? If so, try taking it out since this is going to increase the gain significantly.  
What sort of OT are you using?  

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