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Re: Got my Clubman clone going

6/30/2003 12:35 AM
Re: Got my Clubman clone going
Well, with a 5AR4 in place I now have 376v at the plates of the output tubes. All other voltages are up slightly too. It does sound good like this, it just is not as loud as I expected it to be. That doesn't mean it won't be loud enough, just not as loud as I expected. I think I will leave it like this for awhile, it does allow me to crank it up without blowing out the neighbors. Later I might fiddle with the power supply some more, maybe add Bruce Collin's Hollow State rectifier by-pass to get a few more volts and less sag.  
After spending more time with the amp, I have to say that this amp gets just a little too much distortion. I've added back into the circuit a grid leak resistor after the pentode pre-amp stage I left out originally, that helped some. I'll probably tweak it some more to try and smooth it out a little. Low distortion settings sound great, but with the volume up past 6 0'clock it starts getting muddy fast. I'm also not thrilled with the Bass control, it doesn't offer much effect on the tone. But I am liking the Brillance control, that is a cool option.

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