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Got my Clubman clone going

6/27/2003 3:47 PM
Got my Clubman clone going
I finally got it going this week, but I'm still trying to sort out the power supply. The original RCA pa amp I started with ran the entire B+ through a choke. The plate voltages were in the high 300's. I first changed this to a more traditional circuit with the B+ connecting first to the first stage of a multi-stage can style filter cap and out to the OT center tap, then through the choke and out to the second cap stage and the screens and so on. But when I did this the B+ voltage went up well above 500v! It caused some popping noises in the filter cap and I believe I may have damaged it. So I rewired it back to having the entire B+ run through the choke. So my plate voltage is back down, now with the 6L6GC's only at about 360v. It sounds good, but there's not a lot of volume. So with such low voltage on the plates the output power must be pretty low. I think I'm going to swap out the 5Y3 rectifier with a 5AR4 and see if it raises the B+ much. Maybe I should go back to running the first leg out to the cap before the choke, and lower the B+ with zener diodes on the PT center tap to ground.  
Besides this though I have to say the amp really sounds good. I was worried that with just two gain stages it wouldn't have much of a dirty overdrive, that it might just stay pretty clean so that I would have to push the front end with a pedal to get it to crunch. There was no need to worry about that! It gets all the distortion I need, and cleans up very nicely by backing of the volume. I've only had a short time with it, and I'm still tweaking it, obviously. But so far I'm really happy with the tone. I just need to straighten out the power supply woes, and get some better speakers too! :D

hasserl Well, with a 5AR4 in place I now ha... -- 6/30/2003 12:35 AM