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Re: Source for metal films?

6/20/2003 12:40 AM
bob predainaRe: Source for metal films?
Hi Anonymous! ;)  
Yes, I'm still interested in the kits! I'm still putting my shopping list together, so pardon my tardiness in responding...  
One thing that had occurred to me was that the kits have a uniform makeup -- 20 pieces of 30 values. For $60, its a great deal, but the distribution of values got me to thinking...  
There are some values that I'd really go through alot of -- things like 100k, 1k5, 68k, 1M, etc., and some that I'd rarely use. I'd just LOVE to standardize my stockpile on your 2W/750V resistors, but what happens when I run out of 100k values? Can I get more, or are the kits a one-shot deal?  
I'd hate to be stuck going with Xicon 1/2 watt resistors to fill-in the gaps as I deplete my supply from the kit. Would there ever be a possibility of restocking in key values?