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Re: What Supro is this?

6/6/2003 9:34 PM
Re: What Supro is this?
I believe that is the amp too, i got a room full of old tube amps that didn't work,from a pawn shop.  
And this same amp was in the bunch..seemed it had a yellow or amber light,the rest was pretty much as you described.. I think it was a smaller wattage amp. It was an easy fix. but i gave it to a guy that took it to a guitar show..I told him if he could get the 40.00 out of it anything else was his.. That was to get the money back for the room full of old tube  
he said he never made it to the door, and a guy offered him 75.00 for it..and he sold it..  
Here is some HC reviews and some descriptions.  
A pic too here..  

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