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Re: reverb bleeding into dry path

5/25/2003 8:51 PM
Steve A.
Re: reverb bleeding into dry path
    You might want to check the cathode circuit on V4 to make sure that the reverb signal isn't bleeding through there.  
    It might be a good idea to split the cathode resistors/caps, using a separate 1k5 resistor and 25/25 cap on each cathode.  
    Other things to check would be lead dress and power supply decoupling. One trick mentioned here for checking the PS decoupling is to clip on an extra 8uF/500v electrolytic cap right where B+ connects to the plate resistor. If that eliminates the problem(s) you are having then you need to revise the power supply a bit (increase capacitance or possibly add another node).  
--Good luck!  
Steve Ahola

steve thanks for the input Steve. I just... -- 5/26/2003 11:57 AM